The era of intelligent manufacturing is coming

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Inventory 2015, "smart manufacturing" exceptionally eye-catching. American Industrial Internet, German Industry 4.0, "Made in China 2025" core are focused on "smart manufacturing." It now appears that the economic development, the core ability is still in manufacturing. The advances in technology have led to a drastic change in the way manufacturing has been made, and this change has been largely reflected in the way of manufacturing, with intelligence becoming the main battlefield for innovation in manufacturing methods. Industrial robots, 3D printing, smart terminals, smart outfit become such an important feature of intelligence.


Technology is the driving force for promoting economic and social progress. This is the grand logic of history. It can be said that the history of human development in recent several hundred years is a typical history of manufacturing.


It is very important to note that at present, the intelligent manufacturing featuring the in-depth integration of a new generation of information technology and advanced manufacturing technology is leading the fourth industrial revolution and has begun to have far-reaching effects on the mode of production, industrial form and business model. The wave of electronics started in the 1980s, the digital revolution in the 1990s, the promotion of information in the first decade of the 21st century, and the Internet integration in the past five years have brought profound changes in the meaning of traditional manufacturing. Traditional factories started Intense drastic changes, such as the "scale" no longer becoming "economy" to a great extent, personalized "customized" production can well achieve "economy."

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