March 2012 was created by a group of like-minded touch display industry senior personages.

Became the patent holder of IRTOUCH Optical Touch-Screen. Successfully launched self-developed driver board and brought it into bulk production. Released the full series of self-brand (GST) opening-frame touch-screen monitors.

Walk with the giants: provided for smart medical services (WIT120) and police equipment. Signed strategic agreements with several listed group companies in Shanghai.

In an all-round way, the place where there is touch is the science and technology. Expanding overseas market and facing the world

Made Strategic cooperation with IRTOUCH Shares (300282) on the project of IRTOUCH Infrared Touch-Screen. Performed feasibility studies on opening-frame touch-screen monitors.

One step further: became the patent holder of GST opening-frame touchscreen monitor which was widely utilised in self-service interactive devices such as self-service information terminal, smart parcel delivery lockers and charging posts. Given the title of “top hundred innovative enterprises in china”.

A milestone in the year of the company's total performance exceeded 30 million. The monthly orders exceeded 3K. One of the strategic allies of China's largest market capitalization company