Leading speech:

Our honourable customers, companions and friends:
Since establishment, Guan Shun Technologies Co., Ltd (GST) has been striving to respond to the market demand in “modularised purchasing of touch-control displays, integrated monitoring of driver boards”. With unceasing efforts in innovation and development, we successfully build up four major business segments, namely touch-control monitors, commercial displays, driving solutions and touch-control screens. Now presented as a strongly competitive, constantly progressing high-tech enterprise standing tall in the industry nationwide, we aspire to be the leader in the field of smart energy-saving specialised displays and man-machine interaction applications.We will stick to our vision of “Win together, progress together with excellence and gratitude” to develop with the strategic goal to deliver “best-quality products and satisfying services”, and thus contribute to the society. We appreciate the great support and care from our customers, partners and the whole society, as well as the hard work of all our employees!

Only with confidence and efforts can a man achieve himself, and the same goes for an enterprise. With thousands of ships ready to set sail into this vast ocean of business and commerce, our compass is the confidence to keep us steadfast in the whirls of competition and development and upon the tides of opportunities and challenges, while the wind is our efforts that keep us holding onto our course and progress steadily.With these two, an enterprise would be deeply rooted in the soil of development, and every individual of it would live and work with dignity, radiant with the lights in human nature and intelligence, and its partners, too, would embrace the future with great faith. We sincerely welcome advices from the whole public to achieve common development and future prosperity.

                                                                                                                 — Liu Jin